What do you really want?

Imagine me asking you for the direction to nowhere. It sounds crazy but that’s exactly what many people do. They say they want to achieve greatness, but have no idea what greatness means for them.
Do you know what you really want?
In order to reach any destination, you must have a pretty good idea as to what that destination is. One way that you easily set yourself for failure is by setting unclear goals. Having a goal like “I want to shed off weight” may appear like a great goal. But it’s nothing more than a wish. And that’s why I have struggled with my weight for some time.
Unfortunately, if you set this kind of goal, you will never reach it. You will not achieve any result for one simple reason? It isn’t that you aren’t disciplined or motivated but it’s just that you have a general goal that is difficult to quantify.
Another point to consider, especially in a case of career or business goals is this: Do you want what you say you want because you ACTUALLY WANT it, for the love of it, or is it all about the money or to make someone else happy? In fact, are you doing what you do now because you enjoy it or because of the money, or because your parents or spouse made you do it?
Seriously, why do you do what you do?
As you make plans for the new year, I urge you to seriously think about your desires and the motivations associated with them.
Make sure your intentions are clear and specific. You don’t want any ambiguity there. If you want to increase your income for example, be clear about it. eg. I want to increase my income by $200 a month or by $5000 a year, or by 25% – whatever it is for you.
If, like me you want to improve your health, be very clear about which areas of you health you want to improve and to what extent.
Here are a few questions to ponder as you think about your desires and intentions for the coming year:
  • How do you determine what you really want?
  • How do you really feel about what you’re doing for work (be brutally honest)?
  • What’s the REAL reason why you’re still doing the work you’re doing?
  • IF you continue in that line of work, where would you be five years from now?
  • If money was not an option and you had all the money you could ever need, what would you do with your life and time?

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