The One Thing You Must Do When Obstacles Show Up.

You have a major goal to achieve; but things don’t look promising.  It is a very important goal to you. You start giving it your all. But no matter what you do, obstacles still keep holding you back.

As if they had a meeting, the challenges appear one after the other.
What do you do?
How do you deal with such a situation?

Change your Focus

Rather than spending the time focusing on the overall goals, and the obstacles that could prevent you from achieving them, focus on each and every moment and this task at hand. Don’t spend time playing over in your head how difficult the challenges are and are.

Just before the U.S. market crash of 1929, the Walt Disney Company was established.
HP- The Computer Company was started during the great depression of 1935.

Both of these companies are still around today. And doing quite well, I might add. These two companies are successful today because they were able change their focus from what everyone else was focused on. They chose to focus on what they had to do daily.

They didn’t let the challenges and problems of the times affect their focus.

Rather than concentrating on what may be an overwhelming challenge, like a major recession, you too can choose to focus on the daily things that you have to do. This is the key to becoming successful in the midst of obstacles and challenges.

Stop looking at how the obstacle or challenge is going to affect or prevent you from hitting your goal. Instead, look at what you have to do moment by moment and gradually things will adjust themselves.

I’m an example of what happens when we chose not to control our focus.

Here in Liberia, everyone knows that the economy is, for lack of a better term, a mess.  Being almost 100% import based, and capital fights being so high, economic times for many are tough.
At least that’s what I got myself to believe.
I made that my reality just as the 4 million other people.

What’s Your Story?        

I sold myself the story that no company would invest in leadership training for their staff during such economic times when “invoices are going overdue for up to 90 days”.

For an entire two months, I believed that crap.

And then I caught myself.
I wasn’t taking the actions I needed to take to build by business.
I believed a lie.

Instead of reaching out to companies and helping them transform their people and performance because I am the best damn leadership coach and expert this continent has ever seen, here I was believing a lie that I had bought into.

I got off my ass and dusted my pants.

I made the first call to my banker only the find out that during the exact two months that I’d been lying to myself, someone else, from another country, had come and offered training services, and they bought it.

What’s worse, the person’s delivery was poor!


That’s what I got for not just doing what I had to do every movement of every day. But focusing on the perceived obstacles

What story have you been selling yourself?        

As leaders, sometimes we get so caught up in the made up stories we tell ourselves that we never get to acting.

Challenges are a part of the process and we must learn to act even in the midst of those challenges.  High performing leaders focus on what they have to do. They maintain an image of the larger goal but don’t allow the associated larger obstacle to prevent them from acting.

What do you have to do?

Whatever your bigger goal is, identify the tasks that will get you there, and start doing them. Be alive in every moment. Be like Disney and HP. Even in bad economic times, you can choose to focus on what you have to do and you will thank yourself for it .

What obstacle has prevented you from taking actions to improve your business or career lately?

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