My Story

My life is guided by three core values: my faith in God, my responsibility to my family, and the difference I make in the world through my career.

Over the last 13 years, I’ve helped businesses and organizations grow through coaching and consulting services. The foundation of my business development approach is the cultivation of strategic and mutually beneficial relationships.

Over the years, I worked with clients in 6 key industries – Financial Services, Technology, Health Care, Education, Food Services, Management Consulting, Coaching, and Non profit.

Content Marketing has been the one strategy I’ve used over the years to to help my clients increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty and grow sales & profits.

Have you ever been called ‘insane’ simply because you chose not to follow the beaten path but rather create a path of your own?

  • Maybe you tried starting your own business where everyone else is an employee?
  • Or left a high five or six figure job becuase you wanted to start a business based on your passion?
  • Have you tried  entering a new market at a time when everyone thought it was a crazy move?
  • How about attempting to raise a serious amount of money to take your product from prototype to market place?

I have.

I still get called insane.

Even funny is that I even get called lazy, unambitious or outright stupid because I choose to base my life and career around my purpose and passions.

I recently left a well paying and promising career in International Public Service so I can go back to doing the things I enjoy.

So what do I enjoy?

I enjoy  finding out why some people and businesses do exceptionally well without any struggle or stress, and then sharing those discoveries for others to learn from.

My passion is helping younger professionals create extraordinary results in their lives & businesses.

I’ve always been fascinated:

  • What makes the difference in the quality of lives that many people lead no matter where in the world they are?
  • How is it that two people, given the same circumstances and resources, can turn out as complete opposites- one thriving and the other struggling or worse?
  • Why do some entrepreneurs get wealthy and others continue to struggle from year to year?
  • Why do some people have exciting relationships and marriages, while others can’t stand the persons they’re with?
  • Why do some entrepreneurs achieve seemingly impossible feats in the midst of serious obstacles and challenges while others fold and crumble when faced with similar situations?

My life is about finding the answers to these questions and more, and sharing them with  the the world.

Through my work, I  help other ‘insane’ people live the life they truly want, and are capable of living.
Whether its to  start or grow your business, start a non profit cause, or have a career change later in life, I’m here to help.

I believe life is not worth living if it’s not going to bring you fulfillment.

I’m about helping my readers and clients find fulfillment and unleash their greatness.

I’m a man of faith.

I believe in Jesus Christ and the Grace He so freely shares.

I’ve been in the business of capacity building since I was  in the fourth grade when I started offering tutorial classes for my class mates.

I do not know it all, but I KNOW how to find answers.

I grew up in a small community where everyone knew each other’s names and what they were up to during the coming days. We had to.  It was during the heat of the Liberian civil war; and when you didn’t see a neighbor for more than two days, chances are, they’d been killed.

When I was 9, I got my first job working for a law firm operating during that period. I also began my  self-employment sojourn that same year when I saw I could earn money by offering tutorials to my classmates who weren’t making high marks in math and science. These two endeavors helped me learn the true meaning of work at an early age; and those traits have stuck with me ever since.

At 17 , I found my way to the U.S., where I spent the next 4 years as a temporary refugee before returning to Liberia in Dec. 2007.

During my time in the U.S., I built my first real business – a direct sales contracting company. We helped a number of local businesses in Minnesota improve their sales quickly.  Two prominent products we sold were DirecTV subscriptions, and Life Insurance and Mortgage Refinancing by Primerica Financial Services.

In November 2007, I sold the business, and all intellectual property to an associate, and returned to Liberia.

In July 2008, then without a formal bachelor’s degree, I got myself a job in senior management as business development specialist for one of Liberia’s major financial institutions. I spent 20 months in this position before resigning to start another company, a business development & advisory firm,  which I grew to a 6 figure operations within 7 months. After two years, I sold that operation to another associate to begin a career in public service working with young people.

I spent 4 years in public service empowering young graduates with the skills to start their own businesses or gain meaningful employment.  My proudest achievement was to mobilize 300 young people to risk their lives and serve as contact tracing volunteers during the Ebola Outbreak of 2014.  Sadly, one of them was struck by the disease, and died. He died serving his country.

Today, I’m on a different mission:

To Help Emerging Leaders Make a Bigger Difference in the World Through Their  Lives, Businesses & Organizations – Without Stress, While Building Wealth That Will Outlive Them.


What do you want to create?

  • Excellent Health ?
  • A loving and passionate relationship ?
  • A thriving business ?
  • Million Dollars in the bank?
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