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If you’ve been looking  for a  system that GUARANTEES  you to manifest, all the wealthy, abundance, love and joy you desire.. I’ve got something for you to be excited about.

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The Manifestation Miracles Secret System By Heather Matthews Has Made a HUGE Difference in my life since I started reading it 7 days ago

Manifestation Miracle is an E-book written by Heather Matthews. It seems to have been published by Mark Ling a self Made millionaire who has been able to manifest millions of dollars through his different online business. One of his most notable online businesses is Affilorama, which I reviewed here.  In my review of Manifestation Miracles,  I’ll be sharing my personal experience with the system. I’ll give you an inside look at each of the first five chapters, and then take you inside each of the other components of the system.


A Comprehensive Manifestation Miracle Review

Chapter 1

The major lesson  of Manifestation Miracles is that when you’re in tune with your destiny – with your purpose – that when your desire is in tune with your true purpose, the only thing you can do is to Manifest Miracles.

The Foundation of Manifestation is the powerful Law of Attraction. Over the last 5 years, I’ve read many books on the Law of attraction, and I can count on one hand the number of books that come even close to Manifestation Miracles in terms of depth and clarity. Heather makes sure to  give you EXACT instructions on how to incorporate this universal law effectively.

After reading chapter one of the E-book, I found myself doing some deep heart storming to re-access whether I was on the path to my true calling.

Heart storming is where you go deep into your heart to discover your purpose. The exercise that Heather uses really works.

Why is the Heart Storming Exercise in Manifestation Miracles Important?

To answer that question, I’d like to share a story I once came across.

A young boy, about seven, was racing his bike along a country road near his home. 

As he approached an overpass, he braked hard, and came to a stop.
There sat a huge truck with it’s trailer jammed tightly underneath the bridge.
Rescue vehicles, with lights flashing, blocked the only remaining open lane.
A very large tow truck sat with engine idled, the driver puzzled at his repeated, failed attempts to dislodge the trailer. 

Firefighters, policemen, truck driver, and several adult passersby gathered around the truck.

All trying desperately to figure out how to free it from the bridge. 

The young boy walked his bike up to the crowd. He caught the attention of a policeman.
“What’s the matter, Officer?” he asked.
“The truck driver jammed his rig up under that bridge,” the patrol officer explained. “It’s
stuck pretty tight. Tried several ways, but can’t seem to get it out.”
The young boy looked at the truck… then at the officer… and said matter-of-factly, “Why don’t they just let the air out of the tires?”   The officer was dumbfounded. 

He just shook his head, smiled at the boy, and said,

“Thanks kid!”

The Heartstorming Exercise puts you in touch with the Universe much like this kid was able to access the solution that all the grownups could access.

Have you ever wondered why it is that some people can attract whatever they want at any anytime they want? Many of them doing so with what seems like little to no efforts?

This happend because these people are in tune with the universe.

You see, the “solution kid” did not create the idea of letting the air out of the tires. The idea  of deflating the tires existed in the universe. So does all solutions to all problems. The solutions are just waiting for the properly tuned person to access.

So, when all the grownups who have allowed the cares of daily life to pretty much disconnect them from universal power and thereby “stuck”, the boy was able to quickly and easily accessed the “secret” power of the Universal Laws

Imagine being able to get  answers to your most challenging questions, or being able to solve all those life problems with ease.

You could finally…

  • Eliminate debt and start building financial security
  • Kick disease out the door and cultivate a healthy, new body
  • Discard painful past associations and nurture new relationships filled with bliss
  • Stop wondering how life passed you by and discover your life’s purpose… now

Heartstorming is the key to making all of this possible, and that’s the first thing you learn in Manifestation Miracle.


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Chapter 2:

In chapter two, Heather breaks down the subject of  self identity in a way that has significant impact on all.  She helps readers connect with the fact that we’re spiritual beings who just happen to be using a physical body for a while.

Chapter two goes on to explain in proper details as to what the Law of Attraction is, and how its true potential can be harnessed so as to bring about any desire.

Healther then takes you into exactly what destiny tuning is:

Destiny Tuning:  Connecting with who you truly are.

The chapter continues with a very powerful exercise. The self assessment exercise helps you work at the key areas of your life including:

Career, financial health, friend and family, personal o& development, fun & recreation, relationships and environment.

Here’s how Heather Matthews defines each of the 8 areas of our lives in Manifestation Miracles:

Career: what you do for work or for a living, professional development

Financial: reflects the state of your financial well-being, savings,

retirement plan, debt, assets

Health: your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Friends and Family: the people in your life whom you love and care for, as well as your support network

Personal Growth and Development: things you do to continue to grow spiritually and personally, includes living with purpose, passion and meaning

Fun and Recreation: activities you pursue in your leisure time

Relationship: your primary love relationship

Environment: your home or living situation, including city or area in which you live

I like how Heather provides a step by step guide to taking the self assessment. She even provides a great working example.

At the end of the assessment,  Heather guides you into identifying the particular actions you need to take, and provide great tips and ideas on things you can do to help you begin taking those actions almost immediately.


Chapter 3:

This chapter begins by showing you exactly how to go inside your self to begin dealing with (getting rid of) those areas  of your life that are not in tune with who you really are:

  • Those things not part of your life’s path
  • Those things not moving your forward with your goals and dreams

What I connected with the most was how She talked about letting go of extra baggage.

She uses the analogy of  a mountain climber trying to reach the summit and having extra weight. How likey is he to reach that summit?

The same is the case with trying to ahcive your dreams while carrying so much extra stuff in your life that hold you back.

While doing this Manifestation Miracle review, I realized that  some fo thise extra stuffs in my own life were in the areas of:

  • Relationships and Associations
  • Jobs
  • Thoughts and Memories
  • Possessions

What is that you need to let go of ?

For me, chapter 3 had me seriously  thinking about my current retainer. While there are certain parts of the work that I do enjoy, much other parts of it don’t lead me to joy. I find myself getting frustrated from time to time because of things that I can’t control. The engagement lacks the kind of fun I want to have in my career.

This chapter helped me decide to replace my engagement in 90 days or less with something I found more fun and rewarding: Helping people start and grow successful online bysiness. The website is now taking shape from there I would be able to offer my range of online business consulting services to the rest of the world.

The Million Dollar Question

Heather advice that the best way to identify what needs to go and what needs to stay is to ask yourself:

“ Does it feel good to hang on to X?  If your answer is no, it’s time to let go.

The chapter concluds with yet another powerful exercise. This one she called the Burning Bowl Exercises. The exercise helps yout to deal with negative situations, and clears negative thoughts from your mind.

An addendum to the bruning bowl exersiso is a call to declutter your current living space.

 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is about enjoying the journey to what you’ve determined to be success for you. This is another one of those chapters that really connected with me on a deeper level.

In chapter 4 ,  Heather brings to light something I first read in Wallace Wattle’ Science of Getting Rich.


 When we start to compare, we somehow disregard all the hard work it has taken the other person to get to where they are.

In Manifestation Miracles you learn that just as your mission is unique must accept that your true path and methodology of getting your desired manifested will be different as well.

In chapter 4, Heather offers specific tips trick and tools to help you begin enjoying the journey.  For example, with just one tip you learn how you can use your current job- no matter how much you hate it-  to reach your dreams faster than you think.


Chapter 5

This chapter is about falling in love with yourself. This chapter very much reminded me of a sales training recording I listend to back in 2005 by Brian Tracy – in it he stresses that the best thing any business person can do for him/her self to to be in love with who you are. He even rteccomeds a mornig ritual where you stand in front of the mirrow and repeat with confidence “ I Like myself”.

I could go on and on breaking down each of the chapters for your. But I will be doing you injustice. the best thing you can do for yourself is to grab  your own copy of the Manifestation Miracle System

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In addition Manifestation Miracle Course setto the eBook, which is the main product in the system, there’s a host other resources that are bound to help you succeed with the system even faster.

I found the the entire audio version of the course very helpful, as I could be listening while doing other things.

One trick I learned a long time ago was what I call subconscious learning. The idea to feed your subconscious mind with the information you want to learn and allow the subconscious to direct your movements taking into consideration the the new data.

So, by listening while doing other things I was allow the infor to head stragitht o my subconscious.

The Abundant Success Workbook is another incredible addition to the piece. Manifesting your desires come with taking specific actions. With the Abundance Success Workbook,  you’re not left trying to figure out the exact action you need to take. It’s all laid out for you step by step in the workbook.
It really doesn’t get better than that!


Choose a mindtrack below and listen with stereo headphones every day for 60 days.  These 3-7 minute mindtracks guide your subconscious to a relaxed state – where you start preparing your mind for abundance.
You can begin listening to the tracks right away, or read the main Manifestation Miracle book for more info on why they’re such a powerful tool for faster success with manifestation.

There are two mind tracks- the Abundant Wealth Mind-track which  ties in to the course and the bonus track.Abundant-Wealth-single


The abundance track include wealth attraction meditations that many have used for years. These are best used in your quiet time on stereo headphones.




  The Love and Happiness Mind-track are special meditations that will help you attract love and happiness into your live as a very deep level.




Bonus Books

There are also 2 bonus books – The Powerhouse Guide For Health, Vitality, and Disease Reversal and How to Reboot Your Metabolism


Here’s an introduction from The Powerhouse Guide for Health, Vitality and Disease Reversal:

powerhouseguideHow to use meditation to manifest powerful good health and finally bring your well being dreams to fruition.

The human body is a complete machine. No single component is separate from any other. When you feel emotional stress, your body reacts in turn, releasing hormones and chemicals that put physical stress on your body. No single emotion, reaction or feeling occurs in a vacuum.

This is why, when you take control of your destiny and learn to harness the power of the human mind to seek and achieve greater inner peace, you can actually banish illness and encourage greater health for all of your body’s systems. That is what this report is about. In it, I am going to show you how the human body and mind are so closely interlinked that even something as simple as a smile can cause you to feel instantly better and how you can harness that power through meditation and the manifestation of positive energy in your life.

Great thinkers and practitioners of the meditative arts have been using these techniques for millennia to better control how their minds perceive the world and how their bodies interact with it and you can do the same – finding the most powerful and overwhelming resource at your disposal to achieve greater health, vitality and resistance to disease.

And here’s the introduction from How to Reboot Your Metabolism

Weight loss is a funny thing.

For most of the last century, scientists, doctors and the governments that employ them, have been trying to figure out how the human body gains and loses weight.

It turns out that we pretty much had it right all along.
It’s not about fat. It has nothing to do with volume.  And it’s only partly about calories.
It’s all about metabolism. The speed at which the human body processes, breaks dowrebootmetabolismn and removes food from your digestive system is almost entirely what determines how fast you gain or lose weight.
Committing to this simple idea frees you up to do a lot of things.
First, you recognize that some foods are not very food-like. Your body doesn’t recognize or respond to certain foods like it does others.
White sugar for example.
White sugar is devoid of any actual nutrients. It’s been bleached and treated to the point that it’s essentially a drug. Your body metabolizes it rapidly, it has an almost immediate effect on your brain chemistry and it’s incredibly addicting.
At the same time, it also happens to throw your metabolism for a loop. Because it enters the blood stream SO fast, it messes up how you process it, resulting in too much insulin, then a crash and then a surge of hunger.
Some processed sugars, like High Fructose Corn Syrup don’t trigger the satiation response as well as others either. You keep eating it because you don’t realize you don’t need anymore.
These are just a few examples. Most processed foods, including (especially) grains, have a similar effect on your body.

The food we eat has a strongly negative effect on our metabolism and it keeps you from losing weight.

2,600 words later, we’re at the end of the of the review.  The Manifestation Miracle System e-Book alone has 23 chapters divided into five parts. The e-Book and accompanying tools and resources will definitely help you manifest your own miracles.

It is helping me, and I know it will help you too.  And for the price of only $47 you get to change the course of your entire life.

You even get a full 60 day money back guarantee. This gives you a full 60 days to tryout the system in its entirety. And If you’re not one hundred percent satisfied, you can simply request a refund and you will have your money back instantly.

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To you Wealth, Abundance and Happiness!

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