It’s time to slow down

You are a high achiever. You’ve entered the office. The phone won’t stop ringing, the unread messages in your inbox are piling up. You’re pushing to meet a deadline.

Where is this all leading?


Stress has become a permanent part of our daily lives, and it doesn’t just interfere with our peace of mind – it’s also driving us to the grave. As scientists continue to connect stress to more and more serious health conditions, it’s worth asking..

why are we doing this to ourselves?

It’s time to slow down, rediscover the wonders in the world, and have a more fulfilling life.

When you were a child, everything in the world is full of wonder – flowers, puppies, and even your grandmother’s old shoe. But you’ve grown older, these things have come to seem more ordinary, and the magic of life is lost.
I love returning to the villages in Africa.

In today’s hyper-connected age, where everyone is immersed in technology that allows us to ‘connect with others’ but often prevent us from connecting with ourselves, it is truly refreshing to disconnect.

As high performing executives, you’re attached to devices and screens at the expense of spending time enjoying nature or engaged with art – two of humanity’s greatest sources for feeling great wonder.

I think it’s time to slow down; what do you think?

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