How Do You Do It?

One of my favorite slogans is…


just do it





 You most likely know it to be Nike’s slogan.

It is powerful. It sends a loud and clear message to get off your butt and take action…NOW!

And for a long time, I aligned myself to that slogan. But over the past 3 years, as I’ve studied the works and thoughts of a lot of high performing entrepreneurs, executives and leaders, I’ve come to observe a (personal) problem with that slogan.

The problem is that while the slogan means so well, it subconsciously directs attention to the QUANTITY of one’s performance, but falls short of  inspiring the QUALITY of one’s performance.

Now let’s be clear, Nike OWNS that slogan, and it’s not within my power to change it.

What I’m inspired to suggest however, is that you think about adopting a variation of that slogan for yourself as an example of the best way to measure, and take inventory of our first quarter performance.

How about “Just Do It With Excellence” or “Just Do It Best”?

Look around and you will notice how entrepreneurs and leaders are preoccupied with the quantity mindset.

  • Politicians are focused on the number of votes (quantity)
  • Business Executives are focused on increasing shareholder value (quantity)
  • Sales professionals are focused on the numbers

Sadly, much of those results are achieved to the complete exclusion of quality, excellence, character, compassion and Integrity.

Employees are only concerned about working the required 8 hours in the day, but not about the value they brought in that day.

Doctors are concerned about how many patients they can squeeze in a particular window and not about how well individual patients are.


 Can you really say you’ve achieved results if they don’t meet high marks on both the quality and quality front?

In some cases, quality is even more important that quantity. And that’s the culture of excellence on which Japanese business culture was built.

Are you really successful if you only measure of success is How Much but not How Well?

The means by which you move through your life provide the working platform that supports your goals and end results. Let that platform consist of Style, courtesy, honesty, excellence, integrity, and respect for others.  These truly are the QUALITATIVE measurements that make for an inspiring life and legacy.


QUANTIFYING your first quarter results is as easy as looking at your checkbook, stock portfolio, sales quota, P&L statement, or your waistline.

Simply look at the goals you set back in early January and determine what’s changed or improved. More specifically, on what goals have you moved the needle?

Determining the QUALITY and means of your first quarter results requires a much deeper and rigorous self-assessment.

You need to go DEEP inside yourself for that one.  You need to ask yourself some serious questions:

  • HOW did you live your life?
  • HOW did you go about getting the results you achieved?

As my friend and mentor Gary Ryan Blair puts it>

“Since the beginning of the year…

  • How have you improved the quality of your life?
  • How have you improved the quality of your health?
  • How have you improved the quality of your marriage?
  • How have you improved the quality of your friendships?
  • How have you improved the quality of your conversations?
  • How have you improved the quality of your reputation?
  • How have you improved the quality of your work?

We must all accept the truth that behavior never lies…we must firmly embrace the idea that we are living in the era of behavior, and that the rules of the game have fundamentally changed.”

As entrepreneurs who want to make impact, you cannot afford to only be concerned about the quantity of your results. Everyone is already doing that.


And you do that by focusing on the QUALITY of what you’re doing.

Whether you offer products or services, let your focus be on quality, and you will enjoy greater success.


To take pride in your work; to build a stellar reputation; to sleep peacefully, it stems from your ability to improve on HOW WELL you do what you do.

Begin to focus on not outselling your competition but out serving them. But more importantly, focus on how you can outperform who you were yesterday.

How can you be better than you were 24 hours ago?

In conclusion, let me remind you that we now live in an era where the measure of performance takes into account a balance between quantity and quality. As a matter of fact, I foresee the world going to a point where the scale is tipped hugely in favor of quality.

“Quantity without evaluation of quality is a moral misdemeanor, as it only takes 50% of the true measurement into consideration.” GRB

 A truly successful life is one that takes both quality and quantity into consideration.

The best life you can live is a life of VICTORY WITH HONOR. That’s the life I learned to live since coming across the 100 Day Challenge – a life that you too can live.

As the 1st quarter wraps up, PLEASE take a few hours to reflect on how it has been for you. And iIf after reflecting on your first quarter performance, you realize that it’s time to step up both the quality and quantity of your game…then I encourage you to do whatever you have to do join the 100 Day Challenge once it goes live on April 1st, 2016.

I promise you, it will be one of the BEST DECISIONS you make this year, and one that can have profound consequences in every area of your life, career or business.

 With Love,


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