Equipping Army Officers to Master Their Money

It was an honor today to spend this past Friday with senior officers of the 23rd Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Liberia.
And guess what our time together was all about?

Financial Literacy.

As many of you know, the one issue I had a personal problem for a very long time , was the issue managing my money. So while I made good money, I found a way to spend it all every single time.  Realizing my weakness was a major turning point for me.  And ever since, I’ve become an ambassador of some sort advocacy for widespread financial education as a meant to alleviate global poverty.

One major highlight from the 3 hour session what the need to develop something for their wives.  And it makes total sense.

If women are financially educated they would be more likely to build wealth so as to keep out of poverty even if the husband is not around anymore.

Below are a few pictures from the event



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