Can You Make a Career out of Digital Marketing (Online) Reviews?

“Make Money With Online Reviews”

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But Can You Really Make Money With Online Reviews?   I’ve did some research and here’s what you need to know about Making money with online reviews.

Can You Really Make Money With Online Reviews?

Various ways of making money online have become very popular nowadays. And among different ways to earn an income on the Internet it is also possible to make money with online reviews. Review writing is actually one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn money online. There are specialized websites where people write reviews about companies, brands, services or products.

A freelance writer can earn a good income online from the comfort of his home by sharing views and opinions about various services and products, including movies, books, and websites. In order to start, all you have to do is sign up to such a reviews website, post a quality review and get paid. For most freelance writers it is even possible to make money with online reviews on a full time basis.

Many companies are promoting today their brand, services and products through these specialized review websites. In order to promote their products, the companies pay reviews on these websites. Writers are getting paid for writing reviews on various services and products they have used. These reviews are helpful for consumers shopping for those products and services. Today most people are researching online before making any major purchases.

There are many reviews writing websites where you can easily make money online. Some of them will pay you a certain amount of money based on the number of views of your review, while others will pay you as soon as you post your review. If you are good with words you can start using your talent by becoming a freelance review writer.

This is a good opportunity to earn an online income and creates a win-win situation for all involved. You’ll make money with reviews in the process and the customer makes informed buying decisions and is happy with their purchase. Making money doing reviews is a great way to earn an income while matching people with their needs.

We will explain more in details the process for making money doing reviews. This is actually very simple. Let’s take a look first at some of the reasons why consumers search online for reviews in order to better understand why this opportunity exists:

  • To ensure they aren’t being scammed
  • To discover if a particular product works as it claims before making a purchase
  • To know the opinion of other consumers who have experience with a particular product
  • To weigh the pros and the cons to a particular product
  • To compare between similar products on factors such as price and user experience

Some products do not work as advertised and people want to know before they decide to make the purchase. It all comes down to making an informed purchasing decision and this is why we’re able to make money with product reviews.

Here’s How to Get Paid for Your Reviews

Besides writing for specialized reviews websites you can get paid for your reviews by becoming a partner with the company that sells the product. This is called affiliate marketing. There are many products that have affiliate programs. These programs will pay you a commission for every sale referred by you.

Websites like Amazon are a sales platform for many products so you can make good money by reviewing and referring their products. Other network marketing websites include Linkshare, Shareasale, and Commission Junction, and there are also independent affiliate programs where the service or product has its own dedicated affiliate program and it is sold from its own website.

Considerations Before Writing a Review

There are certain things to consider if you want to write good reviews that people will trust. Here are some tips for you:

  • You can make your reviews more credible by trying or purchasing the product. This way you will truly talk from experience. In case that it’s not possible to buy the product, you can use for guidance in making an opinion and writing your review other user reviews on Amazon, in online forums, or in blog comments about the product.
  • When you write your review you should keep in mind that your job is not to sell the product. You are the one supposed to help the consumer to make an informed purchasing decision by giving him a unbiased, thorough review of the product.
  • Always be honest about the product reviews and never try to hide anything about it. Let the people know if the product has flaws and state your honest experiences.
  • You can still review a product even in a case where you can’t recommend it. This will actually boost your credibility.

Putting Together Your Review

Your review could simply be an article but it is better to go further by things that can keep the reader interested and catch the eye, including video and pictures.

Here are the sections of a good review:

  • Title – is very important and it should contain keywords that matches what the reader will search on Google.
  • Intro – is where you introduce the product and let your readers know what the review is all about.
  • Main review – this should start by stating the aim of the product and tell from reference or your own experience whether the product works as advertised.
  • Pros and cons – this section allows the reader to easily sum up what the product is like.
  • Recommendation – you should state whether you recommend the product or not and direct the reader at the end of your review to where they can get the product.

Where to Post Your Review

You can post your review on a blog or website on its own domain, you can post it on your own blog blog on Blogger, you can do a video review and post it on YouTube, or you can post it on content sites like Squidoo or Hubpages. You can also participate in survey panels such as MintVine.

Other websites where you can make money with online reviews are:

  • Vindale Research – this is a get paid to review website where you also are rewarded with cash for shopping online through their site, and get paid for surveys you take.
  • User Testing – this is specialized in websites review.
  • – this is a based on first-hand experience and here you get paid to review services and products after using them. This reviews website is especially popular among writers in Europe and the UK.
  • Review Me – you can register your blog on this website and get paid when advertisers select your blog for reviewing their websites, services, and products.
  • Review Stream – this is another popular review website on a wide category of products including restaurants, hotels, electronics, software, clothes, and books.
  • Rate It All – the categories of products to review there are celebrities, travel, cars, bars, food, music, books, games, and movies.
  • – this is one of the largest consumer review websites.
  • Software Judge – as the name suggests, this is a website specialized in software reviews.
  • – this website has a page rank of 2 in Google and it is one of the biggest review websites.

Have you made any money from writing online reviews? Or is it an online business model that you want to consider? I’d love to hear your experience. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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