Ways to Earn Money with a Blog

So  you’re looking for ways to earn money with a blog right?  

Congratulations, You’re at the right place. 

Not so long ago, I too was just like you. Today, I’m in a better position- even though there’s still a lot that I’m learning. But let me say something here before I even go into how to make money by blogging.

Blogging is not for everyone.  

For a while now,  many people have come to see blogging as a way to to escape their 9-5.  But let’s get something clear right from the beginning: Not everyone who starts blogging gets to become loaded in cash.  That’s probably not what you expected to hear from me; but that’s the truth.

To make money blogging, you must be willing to put in the work. It takes work to build a blog that will begin earning you the kind of money you’re looking to be making.

All over the world, there are so many persons making a living as bloggers.

But there are also many who try to make it but never succeed.

So what is a blog?

In my own definition, a blog a simply an online journal where you share your thoughts about topics that you’re passionate about. Here’s how it works.  We all know something unique that other people want to learn or know about. So let’s say you have experience teaching mathematics, and you were really good at it.  Do you think that there are others who  who like to become better mathematics teachers?

So how can you go about earning money with your blog?

Firstly – lets get our expectations right. Not everyone who tries to make money blogging becomes rich. In fact those who do well from blogging are in the minority. I’m sorry if this disappoints you – but I’m not here to hype this up or make any promises. It is possible to make money blogging – but it takes time and a lot of hard work – and it doesn’t happen for everyone!

Many people spend years  on end trying to make money on the internet.   They get scammed over and finally they quit. They quit without making a single penny.

The reason most people fail at making a living from blogging or any other internet business for that matter is they come in with the wrong mindset.

How to Earn Money Blogging

The simple truth is, if you want to start making money from blogging , then you need to redirect your focus.

You need to start finding problems that people are dealing with, and start offering a solution for them 

Here are some problems that people are looking for solutions for:

–  Genital Warts
–   deal with insomnia
–  How to play chess
– How to loose weight fast

Here’s a secret that many bloggers don’t tell you. The thing that you’re passionate about, and usually have fun doing is the solution to somebody’s problems.

To earn money from blogging, you must find something you enjoy learning, researching and writing about. You must also enjoy helping people.

In short, You must find your NICHE.  One of my friends defines a niche as  a group of people looking for stuff. Your Niche is what your blog will be about.

What To Blog About

Let’s assume you were interested in healthy living and weight loss…

Did you know that every month, there are more than 20,000 persons that search the internet looking for information on Gluten Free Diet as a way to loose weight?
You could even decide to go one step further by deciding to blog about gluten free recipes.

By blogging about something as specific as gluten free recipes, you position yourself as an expert on the subject.

A well targeted Niche like that will help you make money faster from your blogging efforts. Because people will see you as the expert. And when people go on the internet to search for information about Gluten Free Recipes,  they will see your blog.

As more people come to your blog for information about Gluten Free Recipes,  you start to make money.

Here are the 4 Main ways to make money with your blog

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense (or Similar program)
  • Selling Your own products
  • coaching or Membership privilege

Affiliate Marketing
This is where you sell products created by other people to the people who read your blog.  There are people who make more than $5,000 every month just by selling other peoples products.

Google Adsense
This is where  you will partner with Google for them to put different advertising on your blog.  When people come to your blog, they will see those advertising and click on it. For each time someone clicks on the Adsense link, you will make money.

Selling Your Own Products
You could decide to create your own products to sell to the people that visit your blog. Some products you could sell include:

-Short courses

You could also make money by providing one-on One coaching to some of the people who visit your blog.

For example, because I have become an expert on blogging, I offer coaching to individuals who want to start a blog, or business people who want to put their business on the internet.

Through my coaching, I help my clients to find the best niche that they will blog about. I also help them get their website setup with all the tools.

One of the most experienced bloggers on the internet today is Darren Rowse. He runs the website problogger.net. In one of this posts, he talks about 7 different ways he earns money from his blogs. Here they are:

The process involved in setting up your blog is pretty straight forward. And the best part is you can start your blog for less than $30.  It will take you less than 15 minute to start your blog

So let’s agree that that you’re going to be blogging about gluten free recipe to help people solve the problem of Weight loss.

So the first step in the process is to Register Your domain name.

Your domain name is like your address on the internet.  When people type in that name in their address bar, they will come directly to your blog.  Example of domain name:


If this is your first internet business that you’re starting, the best domain name to register is your own name.

So if your name is Jack Williams for example, you will register www.JackWilliams.com
as your domain name.

The Company I regularly use to register my domain names is NameCheap.com

Once you’ve done that, the next step is for you to get Web hosting

Imagine you have your house. Your domain name is the address you give your friend to come to your house.

Well, the house must be sitting somewhere right? It must be on a plot of land. The webhost is the land where your house (the blog) will be sitting on.

The host I recommend is BlueHost.

Bluehost has awesome support for anyone who is new on internet business.  The step by step instructions are easy to follow.

And they’re very cost effective.  You can get your website hosted for as little as $3.95 per month.

The Final Step is to  providing valuable information to your readers so that they will keep coming back and inviting their friends too.

This is called providing content.

I am starting another website that will teach people how to write great content for their blogs.

I will even give out  a free content outline template that anybody can use to create awesome content for their blog. Go to www.ContentSolutions.Guru to learn more

What do you think about the idea of starting your own blog to start earning some extra money?  What topic would you see yourself blogging about?

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