I was reading a printed copy of the a very powerful book called Manifestation Miracles, when a longtime friend came over. “What are you reading?” he asked.  I showed him, and he said this: “wow this looks like a really great book to read, but I don’t know why I’ve just gotten to hate the act of reading.”

Seriously, I didn’t know how to respond and so I vowed to discover how to fall in love with reading again.

Reading is an excellent habit to develop. You can read about anything that interests you and acquire virtually an infinite amount of knowledge. You might not ever be able to travel to Antarctica in real life, but you can “be there” in a flash with a book.

Young children love to read and to have books read to them. Then, to our own detriment, many of us lose interest or simply can’t find the time once we grow up.

Here are some ideas to rediscover the joy of reading books again:

  1. Read books that you really want to read. Avoid reading something just because you think you should. Not everyone needs to read War and Peace or Paradise Lost. Read old Superhero comic books, if that’s what you like. Want to read you child’s storybook? Go ahead. You’re not in school; you can read whatever you like.
  2. Create the time to read. It might be 20 minutes before bed or during your lunch hour. We feel like we don’t have the time because we over-schedule our lives, watch too much TV, and spend too much time surfing the Internet. Let go of some of that stuff and read instead. Make reading a habit by doing it regularly.
  3. When you’re reading, only read. This isn’t a time for one eye on the book and the other eye on the cable TV. If you’re going to get the most out of it, then really commit to what you’re doing. Just read during your reading time.
  4. Avoid thinking that you must finish every book you start. We have to suffer through some things in our lives that are less than exciting, but your books don’t have to be one of those things. If it’s not exciting to you, get rid of it and find something else. Life is too short to be bored any more than absolutely necessary.
  5. Don’t worry about how quickly you read. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish a book. The important thing is to have a blast reading it. You’ll find you’re your reading speed will increase when you read regularly.
  6. Check out the book reviews before you choose something to read. Websites like Amazon.com have thousands and thousands of reviews. You can usually read part of the book online. It’s a quick and easy way to figure out if you might like it before you buy.
  7. Remember the used bookstores. Not only can you find a lot of books that are at least 50% off, you can also sell the books you’ve finished reading. Books aren’t trophies that need to be kept on your shelves. If you’re not going to read it again, why save it?
  8. Consider joining a book club. You can read the book on your own and then discuss it with others. You’ll learn a lot more about the book and get a new social circle, too. Reading is a solitary activity, but there are aspects to reading that can be very social.

Reading opens your mind up to new possibilities.  If you’re indeed the person who wants to transform his/her life, then reading MUST be a part of it.

I’d love to hear from you. What has been your relationship with reading- past and present. Please share your responses in the comments in the section below.

Dan Maxwell, Jr
Dan Maxwell, Jr

My life's work is about helping younger professionals and entrepreneurs create the most extraordinary results in their lives, careers and businesses.

    10 replies to "How to Fall in Love With Reading Again"

    • Roberto Santos

      I seldom read books because when I hear the word “Book” the first thing that comes to my mind is that it will consumes a lot of time for me because I am a slow reader. But when I read some of your tips in reading books, it motivates me to again start reading books that I like and make time to read.

      • Dan Maxwell Jr

        Hey Roberto,

        I’m glad you picked up some gems in the article. Reading definitely opens up the mind.

    • aishahomemadecupcakerecipes

      Love this article. I can relate to it so much. I absolutely adored reading as I was growing up and went on to do an english literature degree, the ironic thing is, I read less in those few years than ever before because I just wasnt motivated or engrossed by quite a few of the texts. Though I did like analysing them when other people talked about what had happened. Now I’ve finished Uni, I’ve fallen back in love with reading, because I’m reading what I want – and my husband loves it too even though he was never an avid reader in his younger days. You’re absolutely right, nothing, other than having a blast, matters when reading.

      • Dan Maxwell Jr

        It’s always about having a blast when reading. And that’s When you get the most out of it too.
        Thanks for stopping by.

    • RobertS

      I enjoyed reading your short article about reading books. I am not really a book fanatics because when I hear the word “Book” the first thing that comes to my mind is that it has lots of pages and that it will consume much of my time to read and finish a book. Besides I am a slow reader. But your list suggestions motivates me to start reading the books that I am interested with and take my time to read it. Thanks.

      • Dan Maxwell Jr

        Hey Robert,

        I’m glad I could help. So what’s the next book you’re going to be reading?


    • christinamk

      I really only like to read books that I think will make my life better or inspire me to change and live my life differently in a way that I prefer. I find myself against reading for fun because it seems like a waste of time to me. I do however do a lot of reading on the internet and like to find answers to all my questions in life.

      • Dan Maxwell Jr

        Thanks for Sharing Christina. Being a human potential enthusiast, I too tend to find myself only reading material around self development; however, I’ve come to realize that by reading other things every so often- economics, mystery, etc. I expand my view of the world.


    • Donald

      I love this article, I used to complain about traffic jams in Nairobi to and from work but I realised those are my great reading moments so I craaaaave for traffic…..

      • Dan Maxwell Jr

        I’m glad you found value in this piece, Donald. I like that attitude you’ve taken toward traffic: Use it as a time to improve yourself.
        I hope you’re doing it with audio books though so as not to become a hazard on the road. 🙂

        Cheers my friend.

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