The One Decision You Must Take To Achieve Your Impossible Goals

This Article was inspired by Gary Ryan Blair. Creator of the 100 Day Challenge

100 Days from Now - 100 Day Challenge

You want to achieve better results in life right?

After all, that’s  what this website is all about – to help you achieve better results in your life, career and business.
No matter what results you desire, there’s only ONE way to achieve them. There’s  ONE decision you have to make.

And that decision is to Pay The Price.

Let me explain what I mean.

In this life, there’s a reason behind every success and failure you experience. And that reason is usually tied to the price you are willing, or not willing to pay.  So what’s the price?


As my friend Gary Ryan Blair puts it,

“The price of anything (worthwhile) is the amount of life you have to pay for it.” 

Unlike what many of the so called “Success Gurus” teach, the real secret to success is found in three words: CHOOSE YOUR SUFFERING.

Let me explain.

Everything you want in life, every goal you want to achieve, every dream you want to manifest…all comes with a price tag. There is NO FREE LUNCH. There’s no such thing as Something for Nothing. When it comes to success or failure…you’ve going to pay either way.

You can see suffering as the degree of pain and discomfort you’re willing to experience in order to achieve your goals.  Even as you work to apply the manifestation principles like the Law of Attraction in your life and business, you will find that you’d have to make choices.

To achieve any goal, you must choose the suffering that’s right for you, you must accept that reality, you must embrace that truth, and then you must live with it every day of your life.

“The moment you choose not to continue to pay the price of success is the moment you choose to suffer the consequences of failure which is the worst kind of suffering.” – GRB

Let’s say the result you want to achieve is much leaner and firmer body. The price you will have to pay for that is to change your eating habits. That’s one suffering I’ve had to choose.  For those who know me personally, they know that I could do a lot better weight wise.  To get closer to that results I’ve had to say goodbye to chocolates.

Another example could be a person looking to increase his sales.  The price associate with that might be waking up earlier to fit in a few additional sales calls daily.

understand the the suffering you will endure in pursuit of your goals is a lot less that what you will endure if you failed.

If you chose to to pay the price of delayed gratification so as to invest and secure your retirement, you will pay the price of being broke when you have no strength to work again.

The cost and consequences of failure in a relationship, job, career or any area can cause a monumental amount of disruption and chaos. And I’m sure you don’t want to experience that.

The following are just a few examples of the suffering costs of failure:

– If you lack financial discipline you will suffer the consequences of debt and sleepless nights.

– If you do not manage your diet you will suffer the cost of diabetes and poor fitting clothing.

– By not investing quality time with your children, you will suffer by paying the price of regret the rest of your life.

To enjoy massive success in your life, career or business, you must deliberately choose to pay the price of success, or you will by default pay the cost and consequences of failure.

Sooner or later you will come to the understanding that you must  “Choose Your Suffering”.

Not one of us gets a free pass on this one…there are no exceptions to this rule.

The following are just a few examples of the suffering costs of success:

– If you suffer the costs of disciplined spending, saving and investing habits…you will enjoy peace of mind and early retirement.

– If you suffer the costs of daily exercise and proper nutrition…you get to enjoy a great physique and an exceptional quality of life.

– By suffering the price of love, forgiveness, attention and patience…you will enjoy a loving relationship with your spouse and children.

True success is something that is achieved by the minority of people, and is therefore unnatural and not to be achieved by following our natural likes and dislikes, nor by being guided by our natural preferences and prejudices.

That’s why your greatest challenge, and the most important decision you need to make RIGHT NOW is to…CHOOSE YOUR SUFFERING.

You must decide right now if you are going to pay the price for the results you want…or if you are going to pay the price of failure.

The choice is yours…I sincerely hope you make the right call.

I’ll wrap this up with a brilliant quote from Muhammad Ali who said…”I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”.

To unleash your greatness and live the rest of your like as a champion, decide today to suffer the price of success and participate in the 100 Day Challenge.  This 100 Days Challenge has helped a lot of people experienced amazing results in their lives, and you too and experience those results. I’ve been a part of the 100 Day Challenge and I know it works.

Is the 100 Day Challenge hard and demanding?
Does it require discipline, accountability, hard work, sustained commitment and relentless action?

You can bet your life that it does., but that’s the small price you must suffer in order to enjoy the results you want to achieve. 

Be mindful…that the long-term pain and suffering cost of failure is ALWAYS going to be higher than the suffering price for success.

So, download the free 100 Day Challenge Manifesto today and start achieving Optimal Impact Results.

As a Human Performance Coach and Business Success Strategist, I’m always on the lookout for effective tools and systems that help people supercharge their performance.  I obviously can’t work with every single person who desires to bring quick, massive powerful change into their results. And that is why I do this.

I found one in the 100 Day Challenge by Gary Ryan Blair.  Last quarter, I joined the challenge and using some of Gary’s techniques, I was able to complete two books, and lose 20 pounds in the first 50 days.

…The 100 Day Challenge MAY NOT be for you; Here’s Why You Should Probably not Join the 100 day Challenge

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t follow through on commitments, it’s not for you. Don’t join.

If you’re the kind of persons who does not practice taking right action, this is not for you. Don’t join

If you’re the person who accepts the status quo, the 100 day challenge is certainly NOT for you., Don’t join

If you’re a looser who waits for things to be done for you.. You Shouldn’t Join the 100 day Challenge.

But if you’re ready to UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS; if you’re ready to achieve Optimal Impact Results, and push yourself beyond those self imposed limits, then the 100 day challenge IS  for you… So take a minute and head to over to to download your free 100 Day Challenge Manifesto.

Here’s What Happens When You Join The 100 Day Challenge..

1) You get hit with a MAP (Massive Action Plan) . This is a powerful goal setting tools that helps you figure out EXACTLY where you want to be in the next 100 days.  The MAP pushes you TO THINK REALLY BIG – you get to think like there’s no “box” to think outside of.

The Strategies put forth your MAP are detailed and not for babies. They’re for people who are ready for complete and utter transformation. Many of these are the exact same strategies that Disney and Coke and IBM continue to used to explode their sales, profits & productivity.

2) Daily coaching email from Gary Ryan Blair : This helps you get you day off a to massive start with a kick in the ass. No playing here.

3)  5 minutes of video inspiration every day for 100 days Your success in this program depends highly on your willingness to watch the videos and take the right actions putting the right right lessons into practice that same day.

Plus so so so much more.

So if you’e ready to dare something BIG,  then the 100 day challenge IS FOR YOU.  Click on the image Below to Join

Dare something big - 100 day challenge


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