Mindfulness: The Key to Optimal Impact Leadership

What’s happening?
Why does you head feel like it’s spinning at 2000 revolutions per second?
In life there will often be all sorts of challenges & problems.

You may be facing problems with your low business growth
It may be problems with accomplishing organizational goals
What about challenges with getting staffers to accept change?
Maybe there are problems related to your family .

Whatever these challenges are, they do take a toll on your output and performance;
whether in business or just about every other aspect of life.

When this starts to happen, you find that your mind is always busy.
How do you proceed?

You may find yourself thinking that you’re wrongly placed.

I remember dealing with a series of challenges that had me contemplating whether or not I still wanted to remain married. A lot of things were happening in my business as well as at home, and I began to feel like it was just too much.

I started to feel like a victim of circumstance.

Do you sometimes feel like that even as a leader?

Your mind is responsible for the suffering.  It may be running through a list of all the things you need to be doing at once. It may be saying all the wrong things, and yet you may hear none of it. You may just feel intense  anxiety building as your day goes on.  Mindfulness

The way to handle this  situation is through Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the state of just being.
It is a state of awareness where there’s no judgement.
Where we just are.

As leaders, mindfulness is about being present in the moment. Being present is quite a tough task in a world were everything we do is measured time in  seconds,  and where we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that more is always better.

When I talk to clients who want to “improve their performance or results”, they almost always see their desire as wanting to do more, faster and better.  The problem with that is IT NEVER WORKS.

Great leadership is not about how much you get done. It’s about how well; and that’s what Optimal Impact Leadership is all about.

As an Optimal Impact Leader,  you need to bring as close to 100% of your mind’s resources to the table at any given point. You have to be present.

Optimal Impact Leaders Employ Mindfulness?

A mindful leader brings to bear clarity, focus, creativity, and compassion in the service of others.  Mindful leadership requires full and complete nonjudgmental attention in the present moment. Those around a mindful leader see and feel that presence.

What are you doing during meetings?
Are on the phone replying to an email about a shipment in Hong Kong?
Do you team members know how much you care?
Are you more concerned about profits than you are about the welfare of your team?

Those are not qualities of Optimal Impact Leadership.

Optimal Impact Leadership Tips

As a leader, you need to create a joyful atmosphere. Nobody wants to work in a place that is full of negativity. You must work to discover the possibilities in every situation and try to enjoy yourself every day. Remain positive and help others remain positive. Know that you can create something wonderful with your team.

Don’t rely on email to manage your team. Over-reliance on email makes you seem like a distant emperor who hands down edicts from on high. You will not only build resentment among your team, but also miss out on the chance to build relationships that will improve productivity in the long run.

Keep your cool even in the craziest of situations. If your employees see you panicking, they’ll think it’s time to panic. If they see you exuding strength, then they’ll feel confident in your ability to make the right decisions for both the company and them. Remember, perception is everything. Even if you feel the opposite, show strength and confidence.

To be a good business leader, always keep an eye out for more than your current problems and urgent matters. What that means is to always be open to opportunities that present themselves. You never know when you might make the right potential professional contact or see a chance to make some money suddenly. Always be prepared for these moments.

Take ownership in whatever you say. Be accountable for your actions and words as a leader. In your company everything begins with you, and what you do and say is how your business is perceived. If you do take the wrong actions or say the wrong words at work, it is your job to fix these wrongs. Others cannot fix your mistakes.

Always remember that there is an inverse relationship between what’s on your mind and your personal productivity right now. If something is on your mind, write it down. If you need to, work on it now. If it can wait or can’t be helped right this minute, set the paper to the side and get to work on something you can do right now.

Encourage passion for the work you do. When you show enthusiasm about something, it is contagious. Show enthusiasm for a new project and be passionate about the ideas your team has. Encouraging a passionate and enthusiastic attitude about work is a great way to inspire creativity in your team.

Are you an optimal impact leader?  I’d love to hear your thoughts
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