The One Reason Why You’ll Never be a Successful Internet Marketer

I’m going to get right to the point.

If your only focus is to make the most money as possible, you’re bound to fail

How to make money on the internet

Money is Bad… or is it?

I would be crazy to think that a person who starts a business  has not thought about the income potential.  I would be even crazier to say that you shouldn’t think about income potential in your business.

Everyone who starts a business thinks about how much he or she would get paid. Starting an internet business is no different.

You want to get paid.

But the problem comes up when that becomes your only objective. You want to make money no matter what.  Unfortunately this is how many people come into the world of Internet marketing.   They feel that somehow, they can just signup for a program, put up a website, and in no time,  and with little work whatsoever, there’s money flowing for all corners.

Far from it.

All the people who make money on the internet  do so because they know  a secret – and that is,  you must care about your customers or readers more than the money you can make.  If you apply that secret you are guaranteed to succeed. It only becomes a matter of time.

But  when you focus squarely on making money, you become selfish. And the funny thing is that your customers will see right through you.  I learned this when I worked as a door to door sales agent in the U.S.

Coming from a war toned country in West Africa, I had lot of family members depending on me for their survival. As a result, I was consumed by the thought of  how can I make money money to be able to send some back home.liberiaflag

Well,  for the first two weeks, I sucked… because for some reason, the customers  knew that I wasn’t trying to get them their best entertainment experience. Instead, I was focused on just getting them to switch from the cable provider to my satellite provider.

It wasn’t  until I read the opening pages of Zig Ziglar’s secret to closing the sale, that I shifted my mindset to focusing on helping my customers get a better entertainment experience.

When I made the mental shift, something happened. I started selling more.


Well first of all, I was no longer trying to shove my product down a prospect’s throat. I would knock  on the door, and engage in a conversation with the home owner on the entertainment experience ( I developed a system).

During the conversation, I would establish whether  a switch to Satellite TV would help the prospect or not.

If I knew that you were better off with your cable, I’d say something like “well  m’am, as you know, I sell for DirecTV, but as I’ve leaned from talking to you, you’re better off with Comcast.  So I have to go find someone else I can help” “But if you do ever hear of someone who wants to get DirecTV,  please pass on my card.” 

And I’ll leave.

I can’t begin to tell you how many referrals I got because of that.

What am I trying to say here?

What I’m saying is here is that your grandma was right: Honesty is the best policy. Even in internet marketing.

If you want to be successful at Internet marketing, develop the mindset of finding solutions for your customers or website visitors. Do that, and the money will come. It just will.

And what happens if you don’t?  YOU FAIL FLAT!

Tell me, haven’t you  bought a program riddled with scam and hype hoping to make your next million the next day only the find that you need to spend even more money to advertise or upgrade?

The truth is, if you’re consumed by the quest  for money, you will not be a successful internet marketer.

So  if you’re  not going to be consumed by money – and you better not, than what should yo be consumed by?

Your Magnificent Obsession

In the book “think and grow rich – Th Action Pack, W. Clement Stone talks about  how he resolved to have a magnificent obsession. His obsession was “to make this world a better world in which to live for this and future generations”.  Everything he did from that point was in line with that obsession.

Two years ago, I made it my obsession to equip ordinary folks like myself with the tools and skills needed to live an extraordinary life.  Everything that I’ve done professionally since that time has been in line with this obsession. That is my mission statement:    “To provide ordinary people with the tools and skills needed for extraordinary living.”

This very website that you’re one right that is in line my mission.  By sharing the lessons that I continue to learn about Wealth, Abundance and Success, I am equipping you to live an extraordinary life as a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur.

 So what’s the take away from  this post?

  1. If you want to be a successful internet marketer, it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, focus on how you can provide your audience with what they want rather than thinking about how you can make more money out of them . If you do that, they will reward you with their purchases, clicks and email addresses.
  1. Find something to drive you. A magnificent obsession. Something that’s so big that is scare’s you. Make  that you mission, and see how everything else you do will align perfectly.
  2. Always be looking for ways to serve your audience better.

As I write theses words,  my heart is heavy. Heavy because  West Africa is currently hit by the worst Ebola outbreak ever. Liberia, where I live has suffered the most deaths and suffering as a result of this.

So, naturally, in keeping with my mission,  I started a campaign to feed three hundred families that are most affected by this outbreak.  With a minimum family size 5 persons, that’s  at least 1,500 persons that will be fed.  I invite to you join me in  making this happen by donating any amount here.


How has your career been influenced by the quest for money? Let’s talk about i


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