How to make money online – Legitimate

When you look around the internet, there are so many programs and systems promising to show you how to make money online. Others even offer to make the money for you.  It’s easy to get sucked in to their sales pitches. In the end, many of them are darn right illegal and complete scams.

So how can you go about making money online legally?

There are many ways by which you can make money online legally.  I guess it all depends on what your short term and long term goals are. Some of these include  freelance graphic design, freelance writing, taking online surveys, Forex trading, investing in stocks, binary options, affiliate marketing, etc.

Taking certain online surveys can be a good way to make extra cash. But if you’re looking to start a successful online business that brings in passive income for you months and years from now, no matter what time of the day it is, than I’d suggest you create a money making website.

In a separate post, I will discuss how you can make money online with online surveys.  But the banner above can provide you with initial details on how you can make a decent income sharing your opinion about products and services. The down side about this system is that it only pays when you take the surveys. So if you’re not working, you’re not earning. 

But if you’re looking to build a long term internet business that does not require you to work before you make money, than building your money making website is exactly what you need.  And the process is a whole lot simpler than you think.


WARNING: This Post is long . So if you’re in a rush, or have something else to do, I urge you to bookmark it, and then come back when you have the time. It is a long piece because I want to present every detail to you. By the time you’re done reading it completely, you will have a strong idea as to which path you want to follow in making money online.

I’ve identified the most secured and guaranteed way to make money online that are legitimate and legal.  And that is by solving other people’s problems.

Let me explain.




Step 1: Understand the Process 
Many people come online looking to begin making money without first taking the time to understand how the process works. This is plain wrong!

How can you expect to drive a car for San Francisco to New York without understanding the basic requirements that will get the car moving?

There must be fuel, oil, and other essential fluids. And you must know that to get the car moving forward, you’ll need to shift the transmission to “D”, and the get it moving backwards, you shift to “R”.

Just like driving the car, there is a process to making money online ethically and legally. And if you’re serious about making money online long term, than you need to take the time to understand how the process works.

There are really only 3 major ways to make money online:


1. You offer your own products or services online for sale, and people buy them

2. Your recommend other people’s products or services for sale

3. You place companies’ adverstigin on your website and make money when people see and/or click on those advertisements

By selling other people products, by selling th

But if you can’t wait, then I’d encourage you to checkout this great (FREE) training course that explains the entire process.

Step 2: Choose Your Niche

Step 3: Construct Your Website

Step 4: Create Valuable Content

Step 5: Get Traffic

Step 6: Make Money



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