One of the best ways to get the word out about your business is to plan an event or party.
but planning those can be really expensive if you’re doing them on your own.  What do you do about such

Get a sponsor.

So how do you get a major corporation to foot the bit of your even or launch party
by becoming a sponsor.

I learned some interesting ways to do that, watch the video below to discover what I learned.


As always, what are your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.



Dan Maxwell, Jr
Dan Maxwell, Jr

My life's work is about helping younger professionals and entrepreneurs create the most extraordinary results in their lives, careers and businesses.

    7 replies to "How to Get Major Corporate Sponsors for Your Event or Party"

    • Michael

      I agree with you here. There is always someone out there looking to help others. If you don’t have the means to achieve what you are setting out to do, find a like-minded person that DOES have the means to sponsor you. Great post here! Keep it up! I look forward to reading more topics from your site here.

      • Dan Maxwell Jr

        Thanks Michael.

        I also look forward to producing more high quality content.

    • Sheila

      HI Dan,
      Just reviewed your blog on Event or party sponsors!
      Very informative and should be great for those that are looking for sponsors.
      Covering what is needed in the presentation is a wonderful way to get others to follow you.
      You did a great job and it was easy to understand.

      • Dan Maxwell Jr

        Hi Sheila,

        Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it.
        How did you find the technical quality of the video?
        Was my accent an issue for you?
        Is there something you think I should imporve upon?

    • Kylena

      Do you have experience in this area? If so I would love some more information from you, I have always dreamed of owning my own event planning business but have always been unsure of where to start. I have ideas and have planned a couple wedding and many parties, but just don’t know how to go to a larger scale.

      • Dan Maxwell Jr

        Hey Kylena,

        Yes I do have a great deal of experience in this area. As a matter of fact, I had a dedicated person on my team just for events ranging from book launches to weddings, birthday parties funerals etc. Lets connect on facebook ( and we can continue the discussion from there.



        • Dan Maxwell Jr

          by the way
          How did you find the technical quality of the video?
          Was my accent an issue for you?​​
          Is there something you think I should improve upon?

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