Serious About Building Wealth? How About Forex Trading?

Are you considering different options to building wealth? Maybe you want to diversify your portfolio a bit? How About Forex Trading?

This is a Guest post by my friend  John Abbas.

How to Make Money Trading Currency  – 

It’s no longer news that investors around the globe are able to trade any currency for varying reasons. This is why we are now experiencing a surge in investors, individuals, corporations and regions that are effectively engaging in the market. Making money via trading currencies is basically a speculative process that involves the market participant to bet on the value of one currency increasing or decreasing relative to another.

Being able to fully grasp the money-making potentials of the forex market is key for anyone wishing to succeed. Let’s look at some key steps that are crucial in the attainment of this goal:


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All the money that you can ever think of is in the chart right before you. This invariably means that once you log onto your trading platform, you can enter and exit positions that will lead to money changing hands. However, that’s not all you’re to know as some amount of studying is needed to keep you on track.

It is required that you study the basics of the market and knowing full well the vast amount of materials out there it becomes quite difficult to pin a starting point. You can start by understanding the origins of the FX market, the tradable instruments in the market, basic trading terms, the factors that define the strength of a regions’ currency, etc. So many individuals neglect paying attention to these step and inevitably fail. Studying should be a life time goal for any forex trader who’s bent on making money and as such you should consider these additional point along the way:

– Consider studying about the good features of a trading platform.

– How a good currency trading brokerage firm should function?

– Understanding the intricacies of the global economy and its complex web.

– Fundamental movers and shakers of the global economy.

How About Forex Trading Mentorship

Mentorship programmes comes with a cost and we find traders who tend to be reluctant subscribing to this due to the cost that comes along with such services. In as much as they try, they tend to loss more than they need to pay for such mentorship services – giving room to what I may term “penny wise pound foolish.”

Trading Forex can  bring huge profits, but it could also cause huge losses.

Trading Forex can bring huge profits, but it could also cause huge losses.

A good mentorship programme can be scarce, but finding one that’s reliable, good and genuine has the capability of shortening your learning curve, thereby getting the investor ready for an awesome money making experience. The true essence of the mentorship programme is to allow the investor follow the footsteps of a successful trader. A good diligent search is necessary before settling on any mentoring program.


Practice is paramount for every market participant and an essential recipe for success for anyone willing to tour that path. After completing your mentorship programme and an adequate study plan, the next step that is needed is a good practice session. Practice is best carried out on a demo account that is usually offered on almost every forex brokerage firm. If you have failed your demo trading then it will really be a bad idea venturing into real time trading on a live account.

If you carefully consider the above mentioned steps, then you could be on your way towards joining the small fraction of traders that actually make money trading currencies. Asides this, commitment and discipline will harmonize your skills and propel you towards your far reaching goals.

How To  Learn Forex Trading Online -how online Forex trading works

There’s an increasing number of people today who flock to the Foreign Exchange market due to its vast potentials of high returns. Others have continued to find this an elusive dream not withstanding their commitment to take off on this venture. They remain completely unaware of the possibility of trading online.

Traders can now access a wealth of information that is readily available over the internet. Learning Forex trading have never been so easy considering the edge traders now possess based on the awesomeness of technology and the power of the internet.

The internet has the capabilities of allowing the trader learn forex trading in diverse ways. One can start by making a list of some of the vital blogs that are linked to foreign exchange trading. This will inevitably allow the trader get the best off this niche. It will be good if such blogs are bookmarked, so they remain easily accessible along the way.

Let’s start by examining some of the things an investor should be aware of when learning to trade forex online:


Collaborations in the foreign exchange industry for example entails a trader finding a forum when professional and newbie traders can interact without barriers. Recently we have seen a surge in social trading platforms, where market participants now engage in a whole lot more, for instance trade copying.

With such facility on social trading platforms, traders can effective watch and decide on copying the trades of more experienced traders on same platform. This would allow them attain same profit projections, although their skill levels differ greatly. Collaborations on social trading platforms also allows traders to communicate among themselves as they would in a normal Instant Messenger environment. With this traders can effectively discuss strategies amongst themselves.

Collaborations should also be approached carefully, especially for beginner traders who should try as much as possible to keep risk to a minimum. Traders should be wary of the volatile nature of the fx market where taking higher risks, translates into higher return – this is a double edge sword that so many people misunderstand and quickly falter on it.


Asides collaborations, someone who’s willing to learn forex trading online can do so by acquiring some education. You must know your trade! This you can achieve by getting the right education. The right forex education is littered everywhere online, but you’ll have to piece them out or get a paid online forex trading education course.


You can improve your forex trading online learning skills by running a trial period, which allows a trader put to test all that has been learnt during the incubation period. Forex may not be suitable for everyone based on individual risk tolerance levels. Your period of trial would give you a clear insight into whether this trade is well suited for you.

You’ll find a lot of websites online that readily offers you the benefit of trying out the forex market. First you must be registered for a free practice or demo account to be able to do this. Seemingly, you will feel the market but in the same way risk nothing.

The Best Currency Trading Courses

Generally forex trading courses are designed to offer investors proven tools and strategies to aid them attain success in their trading endeavour. I advise that traders go for those trading courses that offer a money back guarantee. With the comfort of a guarantee comes an assurance that the details expressed in the marketing copy meets the expectations of the customer as delivered by the vendors.

Some of the best currency trading courses that are available will explain precise how they are run, asides outlining the strategy. Armed with this, the trader develops the confidence to take on the market in real time amidst losing periods. In view of the education offered by some of the best currency trading courses, investors can also get money management covers coupled with trader psychology guidelines, to give them that much needed winning mind set.

It is important when going for trading courses to go for those with daily updates. This will enable you see the strategy in action and put to test your skills in real market conditions. Thus offering the investor the benefit of seeing how the vendor applies the strategy and also gaining from the lifetime support associated with these best currency trading courses.

This article is poised to address some of the fundamental ideas bothering what an investor should look out for when researching to pick the best forex trading courses.

Simplicity & Effectiveness

One vital feature that is needed to qualify any currency trading course is its simplicity and effectiveness. The truth is that most of the currency trading courses that are available on the internet today teach investors overly complex methods that ends up resulting to traders’ losing funds. Employing simple trading methods like price action analysis offers the investor a time-dependent trading strategy that stays effective in the market. Every professional forex trader that I have come across have always told me that simplicity is key to succeeding in the FX market and as such the best currency trading courses will teach a simple and effective trading method.

Trading Longer Time frames

It has been statistically proven that investors who trade longer time frames and hold their positions longer make more money annually than day traders. It is quite unlikely that due to the far reaching benefits of long term trading, it is impossible to cover them extensively on this article. However, it should be pointed out that over-trading could lead to massive losses for anyone and when an investors begins to base his sell/buy actions on smaller time frames, then they’re on the way to setting themselves for the hardship that comes with over-trading. As a general rule of the thumb, longer time frame offer more precise trading alert.

Supports All Market Conditions

One of the big problem that confronts traders who employ automated trading systems and lagging indicator-based trading systems is that they are tweaked for specific market conditions. The best currency trading courses out there should be able to dispel this myth and teach a trading system that offers precise entries in all market conditions.

Foolproof Forex Trading

Frankly speaking, it is unheard of for anyone who has designed or stumbled upon a foolproof forex trading strategy to share such system, because it will only render such unusable if many people get their hands on it.

However, it is quite unlikely that we are able to find any strategy with a guaranteed 100% success rate. Some of best financed and biggest liquidity firms pay traders and analysts with the sole responsibility of discovering profitable opportunities in the market for their clientele. What this suggest is that it is unlikely that there’s a foolproof forex trading strategy with guaranteed earnings. The financial heavy weights would find it if it existed.

There are mostly fraudulent when you’re told of huge profits daily from the market, coupled with promises of never losing a trade. What’s in it for you? A “foolproof” forex trading system that comes with a price tag. One thing is sure, this is most likely a scam.

Frankly speaking, it is impossible to never experience a losing trade, notwithstanding how good your trade strategy and discipline is. This should be the reason why you should look the other way and totally disregard such claims. One other thing you should have in mind is that if a system is as good as being “foolproof” then why bother selling it?

Although one cannot take away the fact that these foolproof forex trading systems could yield some pips sometimes, you can always do better by designing your own trading system, so you know the underlying forces – taking away the hassles of spending extra cash asides those meant for entering the market via your trading account. It becomes increasingly easy with the help of a free practice account to design and try out your own trading system without incurring any cost. Howbeit, it’s not just enough to own your forex trading system, but it is crucial to stay on such trading plan with an unrepentant zeal.

Every foolproof forex trading system has the primary aim of identifying trends quite early so the trader can make the best off them. Seemingly, the trader has to be wary of false trends, where the market could exhibit the potential of heading in an opposite direction or just remain range bound. False trend are more likely when a trader catches such trends earlier. As a matter of fact a downside to this is not catching a trade.

The earlier you catch onto a trend, the more likely it is to be a false one. However, it’s also a shortcoming if you wait until you are certain of your trend before you start trading, because then the market will be much more likely to stand still or move against you.

I’ve said earlier that one needs to dispel the idea of a foolproof forex trading system, but a reliable trading system with a high success rate shouldn’t be ruled out. Such a system should be able to identify trends early enough to be able to rake in profits and at the same time dependable. In this case a system that is designed using the fast moving average and the slow moving average should be employed.

The discipline to adhere to a trading system is key to the survival of an investor. Remember that no trading system is “foolproof”, no matter how good it is or proclaimed to be, discipline is key.

Online Forex Trading Software

Online forex trading has become quite common in today’s world. So many people are aware of the immense potentials that resides in the market. However, the risks are imminent, but possessing technical analysis knowhow and being fundamentally grounded on fx principles would go a long way in improving your winning odds.

The same rule applies for online forex trading software, especially for the part time trader who’s unable to sit in front of the trading screen all day. The presence of numerous online forex trading software in the market today presents a win-win scenario for the trader.

There’s need for you to have a computer that’s connected to the internet when trying out an online forex trading software. Although, some would need a constant link to the internet, while others might just require that you download onto the host computer, whilst they can run offline.

It is of great benefit to the trader that he’s able to look for an online forex trading software that offers a trial period or one that comes with a cash back guarantee. Let’s look at some factors to consider when going for an online forex trading software.

  1. Software Security

The security of the online forex trading software is crucial for anyone using them. You’ll find some software employing a 128 bit SSL encryption standard, which filters off unauthorized access of the personal and account details of the client.

  1. Support Desk

A lot of forex firms today run a 24-hour support desk for their online forex trading software. They ensure that there’s a round-the-clock maintenance team for clients, with the team also being able to enhance the user experience.

The support desk is sometimes saddled with the responsibility of receiving feedback from users about their experiences. At this point, it is clear that any online forex trading software needs to be reliable. As a result of this, trial software have become increasingly popular, allowing traders to test the software in their environment. This will allow traders discover if the software freezes, lags on computers, has a not-so-easy navigational map, etc.

It is wise for the trader to demand from the support desk information regarding the uptime for an online forex trading software.

It is also important to choose an online forex trading software that possesses at least an uptime of 95%. This is particularly vital due to the nature of the fx market i.e. its requirement for speed.

The online forex trading software allows the trader to enter positions and makes easy the investing process. If you decide on investing on your own, you discover that it gets confusing and sluggish, especially for the newbies in the market.

Online forex trading software can be quite helpful and may offer investors that little push required to earn big profits. The deliberate attempt to critical look at trends, personal history and carry out statistical analysis, allows the trader to make a more educated investment decision.

Try not to be confused in believing that you’re protected from currency trading laws. No matter the online forex trading software you employ, everyone is tied under the same principals.

 Free Forex Trading Systems

Free foreign exchange trading systems are seen as one of the most important ingredients that receives a lot of attention when one gets started in the market. We have seen a countless number of folks who are dependent on these systems to offer them reliable and dependable strategy, thus the surge in the quest for free forex trading signals. To be honest with you, there are tons of free forex trading systems providers in the industry. One thing that you must know is that not every product out in the market is reliable and genuine. Hence, it is important to find a forex alert service that will not only offer you free access to the market, but also enhance your treading skills.

Free forex trading systems play a huge role of providing traders with concise information that invariably allows the investor to follow historic patterns and as such offer a good overview of what price action might be going into the future. This is very important for anyone in this market, as we find ourselves making some wrong moves when we engage in manual trading. This leads to gross failure and the trader re-enters the market with hopes of catching back lost pips – evidently he increases his woes.

It is quite remarkable as reliable free forex trading systems have a way of indicating the behaviour and trends of currencies in the market in an elaborate way. Their actions are designed in the way it is being guided in each and every fx deal. Some of the things that can be seen on free Forex trading systems includes fx pairs, breakouts, Fibonacci levels and price patterns. There are certain elements that are being considered when a free Forex trading system executes a trade. This is why a trader that has no sound fundamental and technical analysis background of the market will not be able to design as well as understand the decisions reached by free Forex trading systems. Traders are able to perfectly time their buy and sell currency signals when using a high quality free Forex trading system. How do you get to know it is good quality? Trial remains the best option here. A trader is able to get varying information and tips from the free forex trading system’s service provider to bring out the best.

Traders can get their free forex trading systems updated by the vendor. This is achieved when the PC is connected to the internet and a trader is able to get second-by-second market analysis, instead of basing their market outlook on rumours. On a practical side, it would be sincerely recommended for traders to opt for free forex trading systems. Even for those with the means of getting a paid forex trading system, I think starting on a free note won’t bite. Not minding the free status of some forex trading system, one thing that stands is that these systems reveal the secrets of trading. However, it is important to find the ones that reflect the true state of the market, so as to stay positive.

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