I’ve written the below piece to communicate my deepest thoughts about Africa- Europe collaboration. I hope it communicates something to you:

Africa and  Europe- Brothers At Last

I watched in tears as I heard the story,
Of Elmina Castle in all its gory.
Of the door of no return,
The passage to eternal condemnation.

If hell was ever on earth,
It must have been during this time.
The times of slavery and colonial rule.

Europe the Oppressor,
Africa the oppressed.

Thankfully, Oh Thankfully
Those days are gone
Thankfully, Oh Thankfully
We are now one

For many of us, our skin colors may be different,
Yet for all of us, the color of our blood remain.

As we are united by the red of our blood
so may we remain united by the white of our heart

Because finally, Oh Finally
Africa and Europe;
Finally, oh Finally,
We are brothers at last.


Dan Maxwell, Jr
Dan Maxwell, Jr

My life's work is about helping younger professionals and entrepreneurs create the most extraordinary results in their lives, careers and businesses.

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