The date is Feb. 20, 1862. President Abraham Lincoln’s beloved son Willie has just died owing to typhoid fever. The president, understandably saddened, and decides, as rumor has it, to pay regular visits the crypt where his son was buried. 166 ghosts who reside in the cemetery are there observing everything. Now, in 2017 they’ve shared their accounts with the world.

George Saunders tells these ghostly accounts in his novel, Lincoln in the Bardothe book for which he recently won the Man Booker Prize, a prestigious prize for fictional literary work, on yesterday October 17, 2017.

So what does all this have to do with you? Everything.

If you are the one responsible for bringing any amount of new business to your company, then you need to learn how to tell great stories.

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Dan Maxwell, Jr
Dan Maxwell, Jr

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